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Water is among the most basic building blocks of human life. As puts it, “without water, life would not exist.” Each and every one of us is made up of water, ranging from about 78 percent from birth, to around 60 percent as we become adults. Serving a number of essential functions such as regulating our internal temperature and flushing our systems of toxins, it plays an essential role in maintaining good health.

While in the U.S. clean water comes readily available in different forms, it is scarce in areas like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Haiti. Disease runs ramped throughout the natural water resources which makes it difficult to find water that’s suitable to drink. The communities in these areas suffer as a consequence and are left in need of this crucial necessity. They are left without or with very little of this very basic building block.

Today, we celebrate International Water Day in an effort to spread awareness about the very real issue concerning the lack of clean water in various places around the world. Be mindful of the water you consume and acknowledge that somewhere someone is without it.

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Today, March 20th, we celebrate International Day of Happiness. Depending on who you are asking, happiness can be defined in several different ways. A lot of the time, it’s measured by the things we own or the success we have achieved. However, I think we can all agree that good health is correlated with higher levels of happiness and an overall better quality of life. Unfortunately, many of us fall in the trap of taking for granted our health while others fight to stay alive. The health care we receive is understood as a basic human right, while for others it’s a last hope. It’s important to realize how significant the role health plays in our lives. Let us be grateful today, and the days to come, for the good health and care we have, and appreciate how it allows us lead happier lives. 

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We would like to thank all our friends, supporters, donors, and volunteers for making it a successful event! Special shout out to Ghazala Dinshah for making it one of our most exquisite events to date! Thanks to Shahnawaz restaurant for going above and beyond the basics. Special thanks to Spectrum A/V Inc and Mediaflint for all their light, sound, and multimedia support. Zarposh Jewels by Zeba Masood, Travel Plus, Art by Ruby, and Mrs. Shaheen Awan for their generous raffle ticket gifts. Thank you, Umar Hussain you were great, Saad Haroon and Mujahid khan for the entertainment! Thank you to Safeer-e-Pakistan! We’d also like to thank the Hyatt Regency Long Beach for hosting us!
Thanks again to everyone, SHINE will continue to Shine!

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Wishing all our friends a very Happy Holiday season and a Merry Christmas to all celebrating this special day.

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Dear Friends;

We are extremely grateful to you for your continued support of our beneficiaries. Here is a short story of how your contribution helps the neediest whom we serve:

One of our patients, Qamar, had been involved in a serious accident that resulted in a lower right leg fracture. His wife took him to a government hospital all the way in Karachi, where he received surgery and an external fixator to hold his fractured leg. However, this couple had been struggling financially and could not afford to return to the city to continue his treatment. After a few months of going untreated, Qamar’s leg had worsened to the point where he was unable to walk.

Desperate for help, his wife came to SHINE Humanity at Aasra General Hospital in Gharo begging our staff to treat her husband. The following day, our ambulance arrived at the poor couple’s home and transported Qamar to SHINE Humanity’s project facility. Upon removing his old, dirty dressings, our staff at SHINE saw that his wounds were infected,  the leg was swollen, and that he was also complaining of excruciating pain at the fracture site. Our staff immediately cleaned the infected area, applied new dressings, and provided medications to relieve the swelling and pain.

With regular treatment and monitoring at SHINE’s facility, Qamar’s wounds gradually healed and the swelling subsided. Eventually, our staff decided it was time to remove the external fixator after consulting the surgeons at the government hospital,Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center [JPMC]. The staff arranged for the procedure to be done at JPMC, after which he returned to our facility where we provided him with crutches for walking. Since then, Qamar continues to show great progress and can now stand and walk all on his own. Qamar and his wife are extremely grateful for SHINE’s compassionate staff and prompt care, because without it, Qamar may have never been able to walk again.

As 2014 comes to a close, we thank you for  helping patients like Qasim and numerous others and look forward to your continued support in 2015 and beyond.

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday season and good health, joy, peace, and prosperity in the year ahead.



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A total of 30,739 patients have been treated at SHINE’s project sites in Shikarpur, Baldia Town, and Gharo since January 2014, compared to 31,084 patients in all of 2013.
SHINE Humanity has successfully revived primary care services at the Aasra General Hospital, Gharo. There has been a consistent growth in the number of patients at Aasra General Hospital with the number reaching over 2,000 patients per month since March.  Around 50 percent of these are patients coming in for follow-up visits.

Thanks to our dear supporters who enable our physicians to treat a wide array of patients.  Aleem, a 13 year old boy, came in with multiple infected boils and was treated successfully.  Nazeeran, a very poor woman from the neighboring area, is mute and has no immediate family. She came with an ulcerated lesion on the breast that did not respond to initial treatment. Our physician quickly referred her to a tertiary care hospital, where she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has begun treatment with support from the tertiary care hospital’s welfare department and a local donor. She continues to come to the Gharo facility for supportive care between her chemotherapies.
In May, the staff at this facility received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training by members of the Aman Foundation—a major achievement in this region. Regular ultrasound service has also been restored, with 523 ultrasounds performed since July 2013.
With the support of a short-term grant from the International Pediatric Association Foundation, SHINE Humanity was able to start the Aasra General Hospital Nutrition Program in July for mild to moderately malnourished children.
SHINE’s executive director, Seema Hassan, visited all three project sites in July. She is pleased to inform our supporters on the dedication of the staff, quality of services being provided, and level of patient satisfaction.  The patients offered their thanks and blessings to all our supporters for the charitable services they receive at these facilities.

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Many thanks for your generous support!

Our Valuable Donors,

Thank you for helping us complete one year of service at the SHINE Humanity- Aasra GeneralHospital in Gharo. April 17th was the milestone day for this achievement; we have accomplished many goals that would be impossible without your assistance. Within the last year, 15,367 patients were treated in Gharo, 88% of which were women and children. We provided outpatient primary care, preventive care, antenatal services, referrals,  pharmacy and laboratory services ever since we started the facility and have added on ultrasound services during the course of the year.

In the first quarter of 2014, 12,151 patients were treated at our three project sites: Shikarpur, Baldia Town and Gharo. Out of those treated, 2,742 children were from the Children’s Wards in Shikarpur and 4,590 children were from the Sina Primary  Healthcare Clinic in Baldia Town.

We write to ask you to support our organization this year with a donation to our fundraising campaign with Global Giving’s “Bonus Day”. Global Giving will be matching up to 30% of the total donation per donor, with special prizes for the organization with the most received donation or unique donors. The event will start on Wednesday, May 7 at 6:00 AM PDT and will end on Wednesday, May 7 at 8:59 PM PDT, or when funds run out.

Our organization’s ability to continue to operate is due to a large amount of your generous support over the past few years. We hope to count on you for your participation with “Bonus Day”, thank you in advance for your consideration.

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