Field Report 5/23/11

Mobile Camps Treat the Most Needy in Thatta

Devastated by floods in August 2010, Thatta, Pakistan is a community in desperate need of rehabilitation. Since the disaster, SHINE Humanity has partnered with CDRS, a community-based Pakistani nonprofit, to establish and manage mobile medical camps which have allowed relief expansion to areas in Thatta where floods consumed entire Union Councils (UC) and other health facilities were nonexistent.

During the period from March 4 through May 15, 2011, 714 patients were diagnosed and received medicine.  Patients were treated for conditions that included skin disease, eye infections and respiratory infection.  In addition to providing medical care,  volunteer medical professionals also educated close to 1,000 people on health precautions.

On-going Healthcare Rehabilitation Efforts

Throughout March 2011, the six SHINE Humanity/CDRS-supported health centers in disaster-affected Pakistan seved 4,984 people.  Patients were treated for conditions ranging from upper respiratory infections to allergies and acute diarrhea. The top three diagnoses included upper respiratory infection(1,218 patients), acute diarhea (874) and acid peptic disease (232).


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