Saving Sadia

Nuzhat with her four-year-old daugther Sadia

Meet Nuzhat, a mother and resident of Chikar, Pakistan, who shared her story with us through SKYPE:

“Sadia was four. One day, she came down with a fever, and as it climbed higher over the period of the next few days, she fainted.  My husband and I were convinced that we were about to lose our little girl. Fortunately, a family member contacted the SHINE Humanity-sponsored Chikar Rural Healthcare Center.  Sadia was admitted and after receiving treatment, she quickly returned to good health. Without their help, who knows what would have happened.”

Sadia’s was lucky. She could have become one of the thousands of children under five who die each day in Pakistan because of lack of access to basic healthcare. Her mother Nuzhat expressed gratitude to SHINE Humanity donors who made treatment for her daughter possible through their funds.   In response to a question regarding living conditions of the surrounding population, Nuzhat explained “most of us struggle to afford food.  Besides this hospital, there is nowhere we can go for treatment. ”

We are glad that Sadia is thriving today and wish Nuzhat and her family, good health and best wishes!

To advance basic mother-child healthcare, SHINE Humanity launched a Mother’s Day campaign that is continuing throughout the year, to secure monthly financial support.  Only $20 a month – the cost of one dinner– enables us to provide access to basic healthcare for 10 patients per month.

Click Here!  to become a recurring donor and help mothers and children like Nuzhat and Sadia retain and expand access to basic healthcare and medicine.


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