Reports from the Field

Medical Services for Disaster-affected Communities in Pakistan

Throughout May 2011, the six SHINE Humanity/CDRS-supported health centers in Pakistan served 1,214 people.  Patients were treated for conditions ranging from upper respiratory infections to allergies and acute diarrhea. The top three diagnoses included upper respiratory infection (108 patients), Scabies (118) and Dermatitis (119).

Mobile Camps Treat Most Needy in Thatta

Devastated by floods in August 2010, Thatta, Pakistan is a community in desperate need of medical services. Since the disaster, SHINE Humanity has partnered with Pakistani agencies and physicians to establish and manage mobile medical camps in Thatta where floods consumed entire Union Councils (UC) and other health facilities were non-existent.

On May 29 and June 11,   the medical team of doctors checked 413 patients living without proper disposal of waste and healthy water supply.  Most of these patients were suffering from skin diseases, eye infections and respiratory diseases.  Volunteers educated 550 people about the importance of routine immunization, washing of hands, drinking safe water, personal hygiene and ways to keep food safe.


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