The Largest International Folk Art Festival- Proceeds to Benefit SHINE Humanity

A booth at the Festival will raise money for SHINE Humanity’s efforts to rebuild healthcare infrastructure and provide services to the most vulnerable victims of the floods – the poor, elderly, women and children.

JoAnn Balzer and co-chair Sylvia Seret have worked hard to bring together a representative sample of crafts including $10,000 worth of donated items from the Pakistan Embassy and Trade Development Authority in Pakistan. The Market’s humanitarian booth will be stocked with a wide assortment of colorful and unique crafts representing various regions of Pakistan. There will be something for everyone’s taste and pocketbook including jewelry, lacquerware, handwoven textiles, wooden crafts, ceramics, mirror embroidery, appliqué, beadwork, metalwork and basketry.

The annual festival takes place on Museum Hill, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from July 8-10th, 2011. To learn more about this unique venue and see samples from master traditional artists whose work will be displayed, please visit 

July8-10 Santa Fe Event


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