$105,000 – Benefits to Mothers and Children

The center will open its doors in August 2011 and is expected to serve an average of 100 patients a day.  The facility will provide around the clock urgent care, primary and preventive care services, as well as safe birth services and a nursery. As it is the only facility of its kind in a three-hour driving radius, this outpatient facility will serve a catchment area of 30,000 people.

IDRF’s generous financial  support combined with other SHINE Humanity individual donors’ and supporters’  financial gifts will also enable patients adequate access to  a laboratory, an x-ray facility, skilled medical professionals and a well-equipped pharmacy.  Nutritional and health counseling services will also be launched at a later date to ensure that we counsel this vulnerable population to become more proactive and knowledgeable in looking after their own healthcare needs.

SHINE Humanity acknowledges support of our long-standing partner on the ground, Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (www.cdrspakistan.org) which will conduct the field work on this project.  We sincerely thank IDRF for their long-term commitment to the welfare of mothers and children in Pakistan’s flood-affected communities.


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