Field Report, June 2011

In June 2011, SHINE supported healthcare delivery to over 7,000 patients.
  • Some 2,268 patients were in flood-affected communities and the remainder 5,118 patients live in post-earthquake communities.

These numbers represent a seasonal 20 percent increase in the demand for medical services with the majority of the cases being symptomatic of poor health and hygiene standards prevalent across rural Pakistan.

  • Almost 25 percent of the patients in flood-affected communities were diagnosed with gastro-intestinal illnesses and an equivalent number were treated for respiratory track infections.
  • Upper and lower respiratory track infections have been the leading diagnosis in post-earthquake communities.
Doctors at our Chikar facility in the Muzaffarabad District of Kashmir saved the life of a 26 year-old woman who came in with multiple gunshot wounds. She was brought in critical condition with two bullets in her chest. The doctors stabilized her and provided emergency treatment before moving her on to the local district hospital 25 miles away.  Also of note was the situation of a newborn named Sundeel, son of Waheed, who was rushed to the Chikar facility with difficulty breathing. Doctors responded with a nebulizer and I/V antibiotics and were able to save his life.

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