Pierre Dukkens, an Exemplary Man, in Face of Disaster

Before the earthquake, Pierre Dukkens and his family lived in a nice neighborhood near Airport Road and he attended university in Port au Prince.  After losing his home, family and friends to the disaster, Pierre focused his energy and talents on volunteering long days at the hospital where he translated between Haitian patients who spoke only Creole and English-speaking medical professionals. Compelled to help people in need, Pierre soon also found his calling….acting as an English translator in the medical field.
By January 2011, Pierre’s strength, perseverance and ‘can-do’ attitude secured him the position of director in Haiti for EMPACT Northwest (SHINE Humanity’s Partnering agency).  During the past two years, he has led and supervised EMPACT staff in Haiti and managed the EMPACT/SHINE Humanity home where medical volunteers stay during medical missions.  He is also currently an EMT student in Haiti’s first EMT class!
We are deeply saddened by Pierre’s  loss, inspired by his example and honored to call him our colleague.  Thank you Pierre!
Information and images, courtesy of
Armadeus Davidson PM, HCA-F
Marketing Director EMPACT NW
Project Manager EMPACT Haiti
Pierre trimming Stewart's hair. Stewart is the son of a medic volunteer, Gary Glasscow
Pierre with his colleagues


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