Thank You Santa Fe!

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On the behalf of those we serve in Pakistan and on behalf of SHINE Humanity’s Board of Directors and staff, we are deeply grateful for your warm generosity in helping us raise an astounding $ 33,013 for our ongoing efforts to help Pakistan ‘s flood-affected communities.
Right from the time I arrived in  Santa Fe , I was overwhelmed by the hospitality and generosity of both the people and the city…Dr. Jenny Hartley, whose months of planning and organizing helped get this event off the ground, Ayesha Khan who received me at the airport and helped get the word out, Mary Charlotte, who had us on her KSFR radio show, creative and knowledgeable co-chair Sylvia Seret who also hosted me in her lovely home and co-chair JoAnn Balzer, without whose tireless commitment and enthusiasm, none of this would have been possible.
We would like to recognize the wonderful Shine volunteers whose countless hours of efforts were instrumental in bringing the items to the booth, displaying them and then managing the crowd that descended…for those of you who missed out, it was something to be seen, as our “Shine on Pakistan” Booth was by far the busiest, most happening place in town! The colors, textures, bling, and class – we had it all!  We are deeply grateful to all of you for your professionalism, hard work and enthusiasm in getting the word out on SHINE Humanity to the thousands who shopped with us over those three days. THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers, who helped make the booth an unqualified success!
We would also like to acknowledge the important contributions of the Pakistan Embassy in D.C. and its Minister of Trade, Mr. Azmat Ranjha, who arranged for a donation of handicrafts from  Pakistan . And also the support of Diana MacArthur, whose charitable efforts on behalf of the people of  Pakistan  and the Market’s Shine booth are to be commended.
We would like to say thank you to the Board and staff of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market for their vision and leadership in hosting the humanitarian Shine on  Pakistan  booth at the 2011 Market. The global philanthropic community has a great friend and partner in the Market, an organization that recognizes the importance and value of reaching out to the neediest in the world. In their short history, they have made a significant difference in the lives of so many, including those in  Pakistan .
This was really a coming of age for the agency – and a boost in the arm for the ongoing primary and preventive care projects in  Pakistan.
Laila Karamally
Chief Executive Officer, SHINE Humanity

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