August’s Field Report

July and August have been periods of heightened activity in Pakistan. In July  SHINE Humanity facilitated care for 5,117 patients, of which 1,058 were in flood-affected communities, and 4,059 in non-flood communities. Our flood operations include support for

  • a Pediatric Center at Shikarpur Disrtict Hospital (Sindh) and
  • a Mother Child Center in Swat Valley.

Non-flood operations are centered around mountainous communities of Azad Kashmir, where SHINE Humanity has been active since the devastating 2005 earthquake.

The IDRF-sponsored Mother-Child Center in Swat opened its doors in August 2011. In the first two days of its operation, the Outpatient Clinic’s staff treated 46 patients. Project Manager, Usman Ali Shah reports that the number of patients who come to the center is steadily increasing on a  daily basis, as the community is becoming increasingly aware of the this mother-child facility through community meetings that are held by clinic staff.

The medical team in Swat is working in two shifts:

1)    from 9am to 1pm and

2)   from 1pm to 5pm

The goal is to increase hours to 3 shifts. Patients are charged a nominal rate of Rs 30 (US$0. 35) per visit and those unable to pay, receive care without cost. Patient and medication logs are maintained each day and weekly staff meetings are held to review and improve patient care and protocols.

In September along with a safe birth center, the Radiology and Minor Operating will be fully established. Given the high rate of gastro-intestinal diseases and poor nutrition among mothers and children, the team is also working on developing and implementing a nutrition program.

A New Micro Lab Donated by Hussaini Hematology and Oncology Trust

Through generous contribution from the Hussaini Hematology and Oncology Trust, Rural Health Care Center (RHC) in Azad Kasmir is the proud recipient of a new Micro Lab. The laboratory is in place at the RHC and is capable of handling over more than 30 tests that previously patients traveled two hours to complete at a lab in Muzaffarabad.

In Weeks and Months Ahead SHINE Humanity plans to launch an Outpatient Clinic in Charsadda (Khyber Pakhtunwa). We have also conducted a field assessment in flood-stricken Bangla Iccha and plan to respond to current flooding in the Sindh province by providing food and shelter for an artisan community in Kaloi.

Mental Health Services for Japanese Victims- An IDRF Grant

Through a $53,000 grant from the Canadian-based International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF), SHINE Humanity and California-based Kokoro Wellness Network(KWN) are collaborating to provide mental health support services to a community in Ishinomaki, Japan.  The Ishinomaki community was struck by the Tsunami in March 2011.

The $53,000 grant, targets shelter residents and medical and disaster response professionals like nurses, firemen, shelter staff, etc. who have been at the front lines of relief work. This project will provide individual and group counseling, using a myriad of culturally-sensitive techniques including:

  •  music
  • massage therapy

Staff will also develop and distribute public education videos to raise awareness of presenting symptoms and make communities aware of health resources available to them. The project is being staffed by volunteers from the United States and locally recruited and trained therapists. The goal is to serve 850 beneficiaries in a four-month period. SHINE Humanity welcomes KWN to its list of partner agencies.


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