Shabana’s Resilience; SHINE’s Presence


After five surgeries, Shabana, only six years old, still needs plastic surgery.

In December 2010, she was severely burned by fires that caught her small house in the remote, rural village of Chasahe.  To make matters worst, Shabana, her eleven siblings and parents were soon displaced by floods and had to move into a tent camp in Hisara.  Still, Shabana is a lucky little girl, her family cared about her (many girls who need medical attention are neglected because of lack of resources and religious beliefs) enough to listen to SHINE/CDRS medical team’s advice to treat her.

After five surgeries, Shabana still needs plastic surgery. Shine/CDRS is making arrangements for her treatment at Al Safia International Hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Shabana met Todd Shea in 2010 when she began receiving the necessary care she needed and will continue to be cared for by the SHINE/CDRS team.

We wish Shabana and her family all the best.



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