Is Your PSA…Pakistani Student Association…on Board?

PSAs throughout the country are giving “fun” a new meaning by joining forces with SHINE Humanity to plan events, raise money in collaboration with local businesses and help leverage raised funds for special Global Giving Bonuses.  If your PSA is interested in holding a fundraising event, say something like “So you Think you Can Bhangra?” contact us on Facebook, at (714) 665-2400 or at

George Mason University’s PSA is planning an event on November 19, 2011 during which they are planning to raise $50,o000!

University of Washington is interested in hosting an event in January or February and three other universities in Georgia are also planning Fall 2011 events.

All the natural disasters that repeatedly hit the poorest and most vulnerable of Pakistan are unfortunate events that they cannot control- but you and your group have control over the events you plan and the benefits they can have on lives of innocent children, men, women and elderly!


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