Medical Aid to 2000 Sindh Victims

The Mobile Medical Relief Mission (MMRM) started its efforts to treat flood victims on October 1, 2011. The MMRM strives to provide immediate health services and medicines to the flood victims of Sindh. Thus far, the mission has carried out ten successful camps and has treated over 2,000 patients. Medical camps are located at Tent House, Sabzi Mandi and Tando Allahyar.

The Mobile Medical Team includes two doctors, four paramedical staff and one volunteer. Patients are first diagnosed by the doctor and are provided with a prescription slip. Next, patients are guided to the paramedical staff for further services and free medicines. Flood victims are also given guidance on disease and infection prevention, along with treatment. Women and children are being checked by a different doctor than those treating male patients. According to the treating doctors, the most commonly-found diseases and infections include: Gastroenteritis, Malaria, Conjunctivitis, ENT Infections, hematological diseases and skin infections.


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