Part of the 68%, 79%, or 80% of Americans?

The infographic above shows data obtained from a 2011 holiday survey done by American Red Cross which shows just how important donations are to the general public! So we’re asking you if you are part of the 68% who believe it is important to give to charity, 79% who would rather have a donation given in their name than a useless gift, 80% who give as part of their holiday traditions, or any combination of the three options.

If you’re part of the 68% or 80% and know people who are part of the 79%, this opportunity is for you!

Want to avoid the holiday shopping lines and give gifts that really make a difference? Buy a tribute or gift card!

Donate to SHINE Humanity in honor of someone! Your recipient will get a tribute card telling them how much was made in their name. It’s a great way to give back during the holidays; you can even schedule the day for it to be delivered. Donate to any of SHINE’s projects & choose “Gift or In-Honor-Of” to give your friends who are part of that 79% a fantastic gift. Send your tribute card by clicking here today!

If you purchase a tribute card between 12:01am EST 11/23/11 to 11:59pm EST 12/31/11, you give SHINE Humanity a chance for an additional $2,500 in bonus donations (read more below or click the link):

  • $10,000 will be awarded in a total of 17 prizes
    • $1,500 will be awarded to the project will the most tribute card dollars
    • $500 will be awarded to 15 projects with the most unique donors giving tribute cards
    • An additional $1,000 will be awarded to the project with the most unique donors giving tribute cards
  • A project must have at least 10 unique tribute card donors to be eligible for bonus awards.


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