October’s Field Report (Japan)

The total number of patients served in the month of October is 262 which includes 76 males, 132 females, 61 children and 19 families.

The activities that were focused on by different trainers and staff were:

  • Group Therapy for Seniors
  • Group Therapy for Children
  • Community Outreach Café Event  (supportive listening)
  • Consultation & Education
  • Individual Therapy

Our implementing partner in Japan is Kokoro Wellness Network (KWN).  Receptiveness varied in different temporary housing communities. Some were very receptive and many people joined the group session, where others had limited numbers of participants. KWN collaborated with housing staff to encourage attendance and also teamed up with a nurse to provide medical and mental health services together. Volunteers had to stay very flexible in what and how to provide services at each housing. They have used familiarity with the local dialect and different therapy techniques (including music and movement therapy).

A Halloween event was planned. The decoration materials were shipped and volunteers helped the community to decorate and plan Halloween events to promote community relationship and to prevent isolation (plan to have children visit each house and for adults to prepare candies for children). The event was very successful.  Many people including children and seniors participated and they were able to connect with each other. They were also more receptive to our services and approaches.

Since sand play was received very well as one of the median for therapeutic tool/activity, the team is  working on an instructional video to staff and volunteers at temporary housings. The team is also working on a video for relief workers and volunteers regarding burn-out, vicarious trauma and survivor’s guilt.


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