December 2011

SHINE Humanity would like to inform its supporters of the resignation of Mrs. Laila Karamally as Chief Executive Officer.  The Board has named Dr. Seema Hassan, who previously served on Shine’s Board of Directors, as the company’s Interim Director of Admin, Program Management and Operations. After assumption of her executive duties, Dr. Hassan retains her membership within Shine’s Board.

Under Laila Karamally’s executive leadership of 2.5 years, SHINE received its 501(c)3 certification which registers the non-profit as a tax exempt public charity in the US. SHINE has served 250,000 beneficiaries, run successful operations in three countries and raised a considerable sum in contributions from a diverse base of individual and institutional donors and non-profit agencies.

“Laila has been instrumental in leading SHINE and providing a vision for its extraordinary growth.  Laila’s tireless devotion has been an inspiration for the rest of the team and we are grateful for her continued dedication”,  said Dr. Salman Naqvi, MD, Chairman of Shine Humanity, on behalf of Shine Humanity’s Board. “Laila has made countless contributions to SHINE’s success, and she has attracted and inspired SHINE’s immensely creative and dedicated employees and volunteers. In her new role as a non-Executive Member of the Board, Laila will continue to serve SHINE Humanity with her unique insights, creativity and inspiration.”

“The Board has complete confidence that Seema is the right person to continue to build upon the solid foundation built by Laila” added Dr Naqvi.

The total number of beneficiaries served in the month of November  is 428, which includes 52 males, 224 females,152 children and 26 families.

The activities that were focused on by different trainers and staff were:

  •             Group Therapy for Seniors
  •             Group Therapy for Children
  •             Community Outreach Café Event  (supportive listening)
  •             Psychological Consultation & Education
  •             Individual Therapy

With support from IDRF, SHINE Humanity has  implemented this project in Japan in partnership  with  Kokoro Wellness Network (KWN).

Dance/movement therapeutic activities were well received by senior members at the housings.

Since sand play was received very well by children as one of the medium  for therapeutic tool/activity, this along with physical activities sessions accompanied by music were conducted for children . The people seemed to enjoy the activities and were opening up to talk  about their experience of the Tsunami.

Sachiko Cohen

Namhoter: Our teams were able to provide health checkups and medicines to 159 patients, including women and children, in Namother, Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Shikarpur: During the month of November the Pediatric Care centers provided health care and medicines to 998 children, 52% of whom were girls under the age of 14.

Swat: The team was able to carry out 2 Mobile Medical Camps where 673 were checked and treated. A need of hygiene related awareness was strongly felt in the areas visited. They also met with local organizations and people in the community in order to find out the need for future medical camps in the far-flung areas. Apart from this our facility treated 2454 patients.

Sindh Mobile Team: We continued our mobile medical services to the flood affected people in Sindh during November as well. The team conducted medical camps in Tando Allahyar, Kipro and Mirpur Khaas district. They also distributed milk to 600 infants under the Nutrition Program. 3450 patients were treated by the team this month. 37% of these were females 15 years of age or older and 40% were children. Dental services and  ante-natal care were provided besides treatment for respiratory tract infection, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, skin diseases and other acute and chronic conditions.

Charsadda: The center has been up and running very effectively since the opening on October 26,2011. The patient load has been more than expected. The center is open 6 days a week from 9-5. Health care was provided to 1835 patients in November, 65% of whom were females,  and we are handling  a daily increase in the patient numbers.

Report provided by:

Abaid ur-Rahman, Team Leader, SHINE Humanity-CDRS
Kulsoom Burney, SHINE Volunteer

Date: November 22, 2011
Time: 10AM
Patient Name: MAAZ
Age: 3 yrs
Weight: 18/Pounds
Location: Yaka Swat
Chief Complaint: Breathing difficulty for 1 day.

Dr. Sher Comments: Patient name Maaz resident of Swat belongs to poor family presented to us with complain of breathing difficulty from one day at 10 am. According to the parents, Maaz is asthmatic from one and half year. On presentation Maaz was quiet, serious with bluish lips, lethargic ,exhausted, mild dehydrated and was not able to talk; the respiratory rate was over 60/ min and the heart rate was 160/min. This was acute emergency. We started to nebulize the patient with ventolin and oxygen inhalation steroid medication and also we rehydrated him with IV fluids. With nebulization and oxygen inhalation, the condition of the patient improved. We kept the patient in the hospital for one day and after fully recovery, we discharged him. We saved the life of this child with the help of CDRS, SHINE HUMANITY, AND IDRF.

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A gallery of photos highlighting the patients, staff and daily operations of The Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) Mother & Child Health Center in Northern Swat, sponsored by U.S. partner SHINE Humanity and Canadian donor IDRF (International Development & Relief Foundation)

It was only 2 weeks ago when we last thanked Eli Lilly & Co for their generous “anonymous” $1325 total donation split in various ways amongst our different projects but they didn’t decide to stop! Thank you AGAIN to Eli Lilly & Co for choosing our projects as recipients of your generosity. Their contributions since December 6th when the last number was counted and posted on this blog totaled $2720 given to Mothers & Children in Kashmiri, Sindh Flood Victims, and Mother & Childcare in Pakistan. Wow! That puts their total donations to us in just November and December at a little over $4000. AMAZING! Thank you so much Eli Lilly & Co and thank you GlobalGiving for being a portal through which we can receive such wonderful support!

You all know the importance of providing basic needs to our supported programs but don’t forget that the people here in the States need care too. Join us here at SHINE Humanity as we partner with Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County during the holiday season from Dec. 9-23, 2011 by hosting a food drive.

> Most Needed Items (non-perishable canned/dry goods):

  • Canned meats, fish, soup, fruits, vegetables
  • Pasta, hot & cold cereal
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Peanut butter
    (NO glass or expired items)

You can drop your donations off at any of the following drop-off points:

> Fizza Ashary
2 Japonica
Irvine, CA 92628
Cell: 949-394-0016

> Neelo Faruqii
10316 Briarwood Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90077

> Aliya Ali
16060 Aurora Crest Drive
Whittier, CA 90605

> Haya Farooqui
4411 Manzanita
Irvine, CA 92604
Cell: 949-294-4317

> Samiya Khan
5831 St. Laurent Dr.
Aroura Hills, CA 91301
Cell: 818 497-2912

> Atiya Khan
31866 Old Oak Rd
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
Cell: 714-296-6897

> Mara Bryant
22143 Pecos Place
Canyon Lake, CA 92587

> Shaheen K Awan
58 Lakeside Drive
Buena Park, CA 90621
Cell: 714-396-2928

Please donate generously to help our friends and neighbours in need.

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