Farewell to CEO Laila Karamally

SHINE Humanity would like to inform its supporters of the resignation of Mrs. Laila Karamally as Chief Executive Officer.  The Board has named Dr. Seema Hassan, who previously served on Shine’s Board of Directors, as the company’s Interim Director of Admin, Program Management and Operations. After assumption of her executive duties, Dr. Hassan retains her membership within Shine’s Board.

Under Laila Karamally’s executive leadership of 2.5 years, SHINE received its 501(c)3 certification which registers the non-profit as a tax exempt public charity in the US. SHINE has served 250,000 beneficiaries, run successful operations in three countries and raised a considerable sum in contributions from a diverse base of individual and institutional donors and non-profit agencies.

“Laila has been instrumental in leading SHINE and providing a vision for its extraordinary growth.  Laila’s tireless devotion has been an inspiration for the rest of the team and we are grateful for her continued dedication”,  said Dr. Salman Naqvi, MD, Chairman of Shine Humanity, on behalf of Shine Humanity’s Board. “Laila has made countless contributions to SHINE’s success, and she has attracted and inspired SHINE’s immensely creative and dedicated employees and volunteers. In her new role as a non-Executive Member of the Board, Laila will continue to serve SHINE Humanity with her unique insights, creativity and inspiration.”

“The Board has complete confidence that Seema is the right person to continue to build upon the solid foundation built by Laila” added Dr Naqvi.


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