November’s Field Report (Japan)

The total number of beneficiaries served in the month of November  is 428, which includes 52 males, 224 females,152 children and 26 families.

The activities that were focused on by different trainers and staff were:

  •             Group Therapy for Seniors
  •             Group Therapy for Children
  •             Community Outreach Café Event  (supportive listening)
  •             Psychological Consultation & Education
  •             Individual Therapy

With support from IDRF, SHINE Humanity has  implemented this project in Japan in partnership  with  Kokoro Wellness Network (KWN).

Dance/movement therapeutic activities were well received by senior members at the housings.

Since sand play was received very well by children as one of the medium  for therapeutic tool/activity, this along with physical activities sessions accompanied by music were conducted for children . The people seemed to enjoy the activities and were opening up to talk  about their experience of the Tsunami.

Sachiko Cohen


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