November’s Field Report (Pakistan)

Namhoter: Our teams were able to provide health checkups and medicines to 159 patients, including women and children, in Namother, Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Shikarpur: During the month of November the Pediatric Care centers provided health care and medicines to 998 children, 52% of whom were girls under the age of 14.

Swat: The team was able to carry out 2 Mobile Medical Camps where 673 were checked and treated. A need of hygiene related awareness was strongly felt in the areas visited. They also met with local organizations and people in the community in order to find out the need for future medical camps in the far-flung areas. Apart from this our facility treated 2454 patients.

Sindh Mobile Team: We continued our mobile medical services to the flood affected people in Sindh during November as well. The team conducted medical camps in Tando Allahyar, Kipro and Mirpur Khaas district. They also distributed milk to 600 infants under the Nutrition Program. 3450 patients were treated by the team this month. 37% of these were females 15 years of age or older and 40% were children. Dental services and  ante-natal care were provided besides treatment for respiratory tract infection, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, skin diseases and other acute and chronic conditions.

Charsadda: The center has been up and running very effectively since the opening on October 26,2011. The patient load has been more than expected. The center is open 6 days a week from 9-5. Health care was provided to 1835 patients in November, 65% of whom were females,  and we are handling  a daily increase in the patient numbers.

Report provided by:

Abaid ur-Rahman, Team Leader, SHINE Humanity-CDRS
Kulsoom Burney, SHINE Volunteer


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