On Jan 21, 2012…

On Jan 21, 2012 the Shine Humanity Team comprising of  8 physicians, 6 nurses, 2 physical therapists, a respiratory therapist  and a pharmacist from the White Memorial Medical Center was led by our Board member Dr. Faisal Khan to  to provide coverage at the Bernard Mevs hospital in Port au Prince for one week. This team integrated their services with a 5 member pediatric team from Louisiana and worked together with Haitian doctors, nurses and other hospital staff  and  handed over responsibility to another team at the end of the week.

During this week, the team managed all kinds of cases from simple ones to complex blunt and penetrating trauma, multi organ problems, complicated wound management, complicated respiratory management, pediatric surgery and acute and chronic rehab and physical therapy as well as being involved in teaching of medical and nursing students from local institutions.

SHINE Humanity is proud of the dedicated volunteer specialists, many of whom were rendering their selfless service with us for the second time. We extend a special thanks to  Dr. Faisal Khan, Cesar Aranguri, Asad Khaja, Scott Jacobs, Sam Loh, Anne Walker,  Kandice Medina, Victoria Nidoy, Patty Rodriguez, Rhett Porter, Jesus Morales, Tami Ramsey, Percy Dignadice, Sylvia Sinaga, Robin Kim ,Tapan Sarker, Isaac Schmid,  and Agnes Ho for undertaking this mission.


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