December/ January Field Report

December/ January Field Report

Charsadda: The Charsadda Community Clinic continues to provide outpatient and urgent care services to the flood- affected people still living in the neighboring tent villages and also those from elsewhere in Charsadda. 3,552 patients  received medical care   at the Clinic from Dec.1st, 2011 to  Jan. 31st,  2012.   Children under the age of 14 comprised half of the patient load, while females including girls under the age of 14 constituted two thirds of the total cases seen.           This center  is being run by support from individual donors and International Development and Relief Foundation with a nominal fee for affording patients.Medicines are provided free of cost through donations from  HEART, Canada.

Shikarpur: The SHINE Humanity/ CDRS  pediatric ward and the Civil Hospital pediatric ward in the flood affected region of Shikarpur provided care to 1329 children during the period of December and Janaury 2012.. Almost 52 percent of the patients were boys under the age of 14. Most of the children in this area suffered  from  respiratory tract infections, acute diarrhea, suspected cholera, suspected malaria and malnutrition.

Swat: There has been a continued increase in the number of patients in out patient clinic during  December and January. The total number of patients treated was 5,794, among which almost 92% were just women and children. The medical staff has also been counseling the patients about the importance of hygiene and health and medicines continue to be supplied free of cost. The center also has a functionng laboratory, EKG and Ultrasound services,

Problems with power outages have been overcome with the provision a  power generator and an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Power The community has been very positive and supportive of this project, expressing their appreciation of the services being provided here.


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