Field Report: March – April 2012

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A total of 12,269 beneficiaries were treated at the Shikarpur,  Bagh- Dhere Swat and Charsadda facilities during March and April of 2012.

Shikarpur: The SHINE Humanity / CDRS pediatric centers and the Civil Hospital Pediatric ward  in Shikarpur which is supported by donations from SHINE and its supporters  provided care to 1813 children during March and April of this year. 47.55 percent of the patients were girls and 52.45 percent  were boys under the age of 14.The most common diseases observed were diarrhea, lower respiratory tract infections and suspected cases of cholera. The cases of suspected cholera are reported to the World Health Organization and are treated according to recommended protocol.

Swat: 6234 patients  were seen at  the  IDRF supported Bagh- Dhere Maternal and Child facility in Swat  during March and April . 48.9 percent were women and 42.6 percent were children under the age of 14. The most common diseases seen were Upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, acid peptic disease. Hypertension and Anemia were also  observed among some patients.

Ishtiaq, is  a 12  year old boy  who presented to us  on April 3, 2012 with itching over the whole body for  the last 8 days. The same complaint was presented by his family members. Ishtiaq was diagnosed with scabies, a contagious skin condition, which was infected in this case.
Ishtiaq and his whole family were treated with medications and appropriate education on hygiene and prevention of spread and future contraction of this disease.
Ishtiaq’s case is an example of  collective individual and community   health whereby  not only was the patient treated but his whole family was treated and educated on preventive measures. Thus, the collaborative partnership between IDRF, SHINE Humanity  and  CDRS helps not only an individual but the whole community at large.

Charsadda: Total number of patients treated during March and April  at the outpatient clinic in Charsadda were 4222;  out of which 39.2 percent were women and 48.8 percent were children under the age of 14. The most common diseases observed at this facility were Diarrhea, upper and lower respiratory tract infections and gastritis.


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