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Project Update: July- August 2012

The SHINE Humanity and CDRS healthcare facilities in Charsadda, Swat and Shikarpur treated  12322 patients during July and August 2012.  7283 [59%] of the patients were children, 4223 [34%] were women and 816 [7%] were males. SHINE Humanity’s Board member, Dr. Anne Walker paid a visit to the Shikarpur and Charsadda  facilities in July and conducted a training work shop for the staff. She was accompanied by Executive Director, Dr. Seema Hassan during  the  site visits. 

Swat : 6477 patients were treated at the Swat Mother &Child Healthcare  Center in Bagh Dheri during July and August, . Ten normal and healthy babies were delivered at the Swat Maternal and Child Healthcare facility   during this period bringing the  total to 27 babies delivered at this center since it started operating a year ago. Delivering babies at home has been the cultural norm in this region and we are pleased to note a gradual increase in the number of babies delivered at this center.  Most of the patients at the Swat facility have been treated for upper respiratory tract infection,  acute diarrhea, urinary tract infection, aches and pains ,acid peptic disease, anemia and hypertension.  In July, we had the drinking water tested from four sites, all of which were found to be contaminated. So, we are advising the  residents on how to make their water safe for drinking; thus expanding our patient care to a population-level of service. This project has been supported by funding from International Development & Relief Foundation, Global Giving and Individual Donors.

Charsadda: The Charsadda Community Clinic has been shifted in August to another location nearby. Primary and urgent care services was provided to 3954 beneficiaries in  the flood affected area of Charsadda. 90 percent of the beneficiaries were women and children mostly suffering from diarrhea, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, injuries and wounds.This project has been supported by funding from Global Giving and Individual Donors.  

Shikarpur: There has been a rise in the cases of diarrhea and suspected malaria at the SHINE Humanity/CDRS pediatrics ward in Shikarpur during these summer months when 1891 children were treated. Since the departure of the other nonprofit organization that was supporting the nutrition requirements of the malnourished children, in August,  we have undertaken the care of these children as well. This project has been supported by funding from Global Giving and Individual Donors

Rahib Amro Village Reconstruction Project: The village of Rahib Amro near Sujawal in  Sindh  was badly affected by the 2011 floods resulting in the destruction of  the mud houses of the  residents.  As part of its disaster relief efforts, APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America),  has undertaken to fund the construction of permanent homes for the deserving and eligible people of this village. The project was started in June 2012 and  has been progressing smoothly. The first 20 houses were completed in August and work has started on the construction of the next set of 20 houses.  Dr. Seema Hassan, Executive Director of SHINE, paid a visit in July/ August as part of the project monitoring conducted by SHINE and CDRS. The recipients of these houses expressed their happiness and gratitude on getting charge of their new homes.

Japan Post-Disaster  Relief Youth Volunteers Project :   SHINE Humanity  in collaboration with Kokoro Wellness Network is supporting  Youth for 3-11, with funds raised for Japan,  to deliver much needed disaster  rehabilitation services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan in March 2011. Some of the activities carried out by the under-graduate and graduate student volunteers  consisted of  holding tea parties at temporal houses, conducting need surveys, cleaning, helping with the logistics at the fish production factories, and cleaning and fixing the fishing equipments with the local fishermen, rice-field cleaning, reinforcement of the irrigation system and helping elementary school children with their academic work. This project has been supported by funding from Individual Donors, Tough Mudders and Tees for Japan.



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