Mother & Child Healthcare Facility in Bagh Dheri, Swat completes one year of service

Mother & Child Healthcare Facility in Bagh Dheri, Swat completes one year of service.

SHINE Humanity would like to thank all its supporters who have contributed so generously in helping us achieve the  important milestone of  one year of service in Bagh Dheri, Swat, We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Following an initial livelihood support project in Swat after the 2010 floods, SHINE Humanity and  Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) felt the need to extend their services and expertise by setting up  healthcare services for  the needy and underserved  rural population of this mountainous region.

The Mother & Child Health Centre started operating on 18th August  2011, in collaboration with SHINE Humanity [SH], Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) and Begum Effendi Group of Hospitals (BEGH) with a generous grant from International Development & Relief Foundation as well as some additional funding from our

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individual donors. This facility was established   to serve as a Primary  and Urgent healthcare,  and Maternal and Child health services  facility for a catchment population of 150,000 people in Bagh Dheri and the surrounding villages of Landi, Kala Kot, Asharai, Lalkoo Mainadam, Maydan, Sakhra.

As of August 31, 2012, the center has treated 36,482 beneficiaries. Most of the patients were treated for respiratory tract infections, acute diarrhea, urinary tract infection, aches and pains, acid peptic disease, anemia and hypertension . Those who can afford it are charged Rs. 30  [ less than 5 cents] for physician visit and an additional small charge for lab tests. Standard and high quality medicines are provided free of cost. Free ambulatory referral service to the local Tehsil or District hospital is provided to all the patients who are referred out.

The majority of our beneficiaries have been women [46 percent]  and children under the age of 14 [45 percent].  In addition, 27 normal and healthy babies  have been delivered at the Center during this period.  This seemingly  small number of births is a mjaor feat for us because  delivering babies  at home has been the cultural norm in this patriarchal society. Three percent of the outpatients were females who came for antenatal care. This has been achieved through the hard work of our staff through education of the people on ways to make pregnancies and deliveries safer.

This facility also has a laboratory for routine lab tests, an EKG and Ultrasound facility and a well stocked pharmacy.

Community Outreach Services were provided via  two mobile camps set up  in  the villages of Gujjar Kally Brakhe  and Adam Shah in November 2011,  allowing for  extension of services to 673 persons.  There was also a two day medical camp at the Bagh Dheri Healthcare facility in June, 2012 in collaboration with the specialists at Khyber Medical College , Peshawar. This provided services for  850 beneficiaries.

SHINE Humanity’s Board Member, Dr. Anne Walker,  conducted a one-day training workshop for the Lady Health Workers  and staff of the Swat and Charsadda Facilities in July in Islamabad. She has been  instrumental in helping us find solutions to  the high rates of diarrhea in the Swat area,  by  helping  to get the drinking water  around the Bagh Dheri facility tested and  providing the information on how to make the water  safe for drinking. This has been one of our first implementation of healthcare services on a larger, population- based level.



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