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Year End Report:

Shikarpur, Sindh.  In the summer of 2012, Shikarpur  and its surrounding areas was affected by floods for the third year in a row adding to the misery of an already devastated population.  Over 10,000 sick children have been admitted for treatment at the Pediatric Ward of the R.B.U.T. Civil Hospital this year. Most of the children suffered from diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, anemia and varying degrees of malnutrition.

SHINE Humanity is continuing its support for this facility with the aim of improving the health of the children through education of the mothers, ensuring all children are immunized, and providing nutritional support for the children who need additional supplements.

Rahib Amro, Sindh. SHINE Humanity  is partnering with APPNA [ Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America]  for  monitoring the construction of  100 houses  for the flood affected  victims of Rahib Amro village in Sujawal, Sindh. 40 houses have been completed so far and the owners have moved into these newly constructed  brick structures which have replaced their mud and thatch homes.

Bagh Dheri, Swat: The Mother and Child Health Center in Bagh Dheri, Swat completed one year of service in August,2012. This project was supported by individual donors and a grant  from International Development & Relief Foundation.

Over 36,ooo beneficiaries from Bagh Dheri and it’s  surrounding villages have been treated at this facility since it opened in 2011. Most of the patients were  treated for respiratory tract infections, acute diarrhea, urinary tract infection, aches and pains, acid peptic disease, anemia and hypertension. 27 normal and healthy babies  were also delivered at the Center during this period.

Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  The Charsadda Community Clinic in  Mohalla Mirzagan,Charsadda started operating on Oct.26,2011  and provided a continuum of   outpatient services that was initially  started after the floods in  2010 at a different location. This outpatient  clinic in Charsadda provided medical care  and urgent care services to over 15,000 beneficiaries till October 2012 for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. This project was funded by International Development & Relief Foundation, HEART Canada and individual donors.

Haiti: On Jan 21, 2012 the SHINE Humanity Team comprising of  18 volunteer specialists  from the White Memorial Medical Center was led by our Board member Dr. Faisal Khan to  to provide coverage at the Bernard Mevs hospital in Port au Prince for one week. During this week, the team integrated their services with a 5 member pediatric team from Louisiana and worked together with Haitian doctors, nurses and other hospital staff  to manage all kinds of cases- from simple ones to complex blunt and penetrating trauma, multi organ problems, complicated wound management, complicated respiratory management, pediatric surgery and acute and chronic rehab and physical therapy as well as being involved in teaching of medical and nursing students from local institutions. SHINE’s Board member, Dr. Anne Walker  was also part of this mission.

JAPAN: Japan Post-Disaster  Relief Youth Volunteers Project   SHINE Humanity  in collaboration with the mental health experts at Kokoro Wellness Network supported Youth for 3-11  from May 1, 2012 – Aug 31, 2012 to deliver much needed disaster  rehabilitation services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan in March 2011. While the immediate disaster  relief needs had abated, support was required for continuing  rehabilitation-related services for helping the victims return to their lives and livelihoods in Ishinomaki and Ohfunato.

92 under-graduate and graduate student volunteers of Youth for 3.11 carried out a variety of rehabilitation chores in collaboration with other non profit organizations like  Tono Magokoro Net,Peace Boat, Megumi Japan, Project Yui, and NICCO to provide  social services such as  holding tea parties at temporal houses as a means of interaction to allow the victims to mingle with others and share their experience. The students also helped  by conducting need surveys for existing needs, cleaning up disaster affected sites,  helping with the logistics at the fish production factories,  cleaning and fixing the fishing equipments with the local fishermen, rice-field cleaning for paddy planting, reinforcement of the irrigation system and helping elementary school children with their academic work.  Countless numbers of beneficiaries were helped by the student volunteers. This project was  supported by funding raised for Japan  from Individual Donors, Tough Mudders and Tees for Japan.

SUPERSTORM SANDY:  SHINE Humanity  contributed towards California-based Fuel Relief Funds’ efforts in providing free fuel to the victims of the  ravaging storm on the East Coast in November 2012.

Awards: In May, SHINE Humanity received  the Certificate of Congressional Recognition  and The 2012 Peruvian American Medical Society’s  Institutional Award. Both recognized SHINE’s compassion, dedication and outstanding  support to medical missions in Peru, Pakistan and Haiti.


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