Thank You for Your Support


ImageAs 2012 draws to a close, we would like to thank you deeply for your generous contributions  throughout the  year  to help over 50,000 beneficiaries in the flood affected areas in Pakistan.  90 percent of the patients treated at our facilities  were women and children who comprise the most vulnerable in the communities served. 

With your help,  we were able to provide outpatient care and urgent care to the beneficiaries in Charsadda,  and additional Maternal & Child health services,  and laboratory services,   for the residents of Bagh Dheri and  surrounding areas in Swat.   We were also able to provide support for the  treatment of  sick children admitted to R.B.U.T Civil Hospital in Shikarpur, where we will  be providing  additional nutritional support for the mild to moderately malnourished  children in addition to the medicines they receive at this facility. UNICEF is supporting  the management of  the severely malnourished children admitted here. 

 We would like to thank you once again and  ask for your support  this Holiday season for the  treatment of children admitted to  the Pediatric wards of the R.B.U.T Civil Hospital.

SHINE Humanity wishes you a very Happy Holiday season.



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