Measles Outbreak in Sindh, Pakistan

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There has been a  recent large outbreak of measles in Pakistan with  a number of associated deaths. []. Measles is a common childhood illness that is easily prevented by timely vaccination.

Shikarpur is one of the worst affected districts. SHINE Humanity is   dealing with the surge in the number of children   admitted  with measles at the pediatric wards in the R.B.U.T Civil Hospital Shikarpur through the generous contributions of our donors. SHINE is working closely with the World Health Organization[WHO],  UNICEF, and the government’s District Health services to ensure that all children admitted to the wards are getting the treatment they need. The government has stepped up the immunization program and  besides providing the medical treatment  SHINE staff members are educating the community to get their children vaccinated for all  preventable childhood illnesses and not to wait too long to  bring their sick children to the hospital.

We ask for your generous  contributions to help us deal with this current crises and to help us increase our community  outreach for prevention.

Click on this link  below to make your tax-deductible donation now:

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