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Maham, a 24 month old toddler with Down’s  Syndrome, was admitted to the pediatric ward of  R.B.U.T Civil Hospital in Shikarpur in February. Her family is very poor; their daily income is only 200 rupees (about  $2) and she is the youngest of 9 siblings. Maham was admitted to the hospital with a fever, cough and breathing difficulties, and her condition was steadily increasing in severity prior to her admission at the hospital. While at the hospital, she was diagnosed with  malnutrition and acute  bronchial pneumonia, and consequently admitted to the stabilization center for nutrition and treatment of her pneumonia  . There she was given much love and care. The support SHINE gave to Maham and her family helped them gain hope where they had none. Thankfully, Maham is now recovered and is happily back home.

Thank you for   helping  us in the care of Maham. Please continue to support our cause so that we can keep helping  the many others like Maham  who are admitted to the ward everyday.

   Please Click Below to make your tax- deductible donation to SHINE Humanity

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