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SHINE Humanity-Aasra General Hospital

SHINE Humanity started the support and management of Aasra General Hospital on April 17, 2013. This is an underutilized and underfunded facility located just off the National Highway in the semi-rural area of Gharo, District Thatta, Sindh serving a catchment population of over 70,000 mostly needy people. 979 patients consisting mostly of women and children have been treated at the SHINE Humanity -Aasra General Hospital till June 30th.

Our team of qualified and experienced staff are currently providing Outpatient primary healthcare, Urgent Care services for minor cuts and wounds, Antenatal care for pregnant women and Health Education for disease prevention and especially for cessation of tobacco use which is common in this area. Quality assured diagnostic laboratory service is provided on site by Husaini Hematology and Oncology Trust Clinical Laboratory. Our staff also ensures that all children and pregnant women receive their routine vaccinations.

We would like to thank you for your generous contributions in the past and ask for your support for our project in Gharo. Click below to donate.

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