August Update

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This summer, many areas of Pakistan suffered flooding again  for the fourth year in a row, resulting in the death of more than 140 people and displacement of thousands of people from their homes.

Gharo and its surrounding areas were also affected by the rains and ensuing problems. There were no reported deaths or major disease outbreaks in the area, however,  in mid-August, we arranged for the transport of  patients from the  catchment village of Sultanabad, as soon as we heard  that a lack of transport was hindering their ability to seek help for those suffering from diarrhea and similar problems. These villagers were long time users of Aasra’s services and had now moved to higher ground, because of the flooding around their huts.   54 patients including men, women and children were treated at  the SHINE Humanity- Aasra General Hospital’s outpatient  clinic  and  transported back to their settlement. This has earned us the gratitude of these beneficiaries for helping them in their hour of need. In turn, we are very grateful to our donors who continue to support our mission.

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