November Update

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Over 27,000 patients have been able to avail reliable and quality healthcare services at the three facilities supported by SHINE in Gharo, Shikarpur and Baldia Town  from January till the end of  October 2013.
While  we have  many success stories related to the timely and thorough care for our patients, there are some very sad ones highlighting  the need for our services. One such case is of  a little five year old  girl who was brought to the SHINE Humanity – Aasra General Hospital in  early November with  complications from dengue fever which hadn’t been diagnosed by the clinician’s she visited previously. She was brought to our facility by her mother and grandfather as she was bleeding from her orifices. Our staff quickly did the minimal required to stabilize her, collected some funds for this poor family for their stay in the city,  and had her and her family members transported to the Children’s Hospital in Karachi. Unfortunately, she passed away the next day and the grandfather called our project manager to let him know, and also to thank the staff for all they did. Lack of awareness and a lack of resources combine to limit the care available for the poor.  We are working towards  limiting  these gaps not only by treating the patients but also by providing education at an individual level.

Among our other recent achievements is the agreement to collaborate with  The Association of Mothers and Newborns [AMAN], a Karachi based nonprofit organization,  to work towards the achievement of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals of  improving  maternal and newborn health and  reducing  maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality in underprivileged areas of Sindh.

The World Health Organization [WHO] estimates that each year about 1 million newborns  die  because of  difficulties in breathing immediately after birth. Many of these deaths can be averted by  having skilled attendants at birth trained to provide neonatal resuscitation through a simple method.  SHINE’s supporter, Dr. Naghmana Shafi Farrukh is  set to  conduct a series of such training sessions using the “Helping Babies Breathe”  methodology, during her trip to Karachi in December.


SHINE Humanity’s Annual Benefit Gala will be held on the 2nd of February , 2014 at The Nixon Library and Museum in Yorba Linda to help raise the much needed funds for  SHINE’s current projects.

The team at SHINE Humanity wishes  all its supporters a very Happy Holiday season and thanks you for your continued support.

Make your tax deductible donation for 2013 before the year runs out by  clicking on the Donate button below :

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