February Newsletter

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Jinnah Sindh University – Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) Institute of Public Health

This past December SHINE Humanity was invited to speak at the Jinnah Sindh Medical University – APPNA Institute of Public Health’s Inaugural Symposium “Building the Link between Health Care Providers and Communities” in Karachi. Dr. Salman Naqvi, Chairman of SHINE presented “Is it time for Public Health Programs in Pakistan? SHINE Humanity- Aasra General Hospital, An NGO’s initiative in Gharo, Sindh. He highlighted the many steps being taken by SHINE with respect to services being provided and measures for disease prevention.

Training Sessions

In December 2013, SHINE’s advisor Dr. Naghmana Shafi, an esteemed pediatrician, traveled to Pakistan to conduct a number of training sessions aimed at preventing unnecessary deaths among newborn babies. The sessions were held from December 23 to December 29 in Karachi. The Helping Babies Breathe Workshops or HBB is a neonatal resuscitation program during the first minute of a child’s life called a “golden minute”. This program is easy to teach and low cost and works especially well in underdeveloped countries as Pakistan. The program is aimed at teaching midwives, traditional birth attendants and lady health visitors as well as doctors and nurses. In countries like Pakistan where more than fifty percent of the deliveries are at home or in facilities with the bare minimum of pediatric resources this program can save millions of lives. Dr. Naghmana trained 217 doctors, medical students, nurses and paramedics. 94 of these trainees will go on and continue to train others.

SHINE Humanity Benefit Gala February 2014

SHINE Humanity held a successful gala on February 2nd at the Richard Nixon Library to raise funds for its current projects.

The Valentine-themed event was well-attended by long term supporters of SHINE. Dr. Durainaz Farooqui was the emcee for the night. Dr. Salman Naqvi, Dr. Seema Hassan and Azhar Hameed spoke of the accomplishments and needs at SHINE’s projects in Gharo, Baldia Town and Shikarpur.

We thank all our guests who attended and gave so generously.

SHINE Humanity – Project Report

In January, 3531 patients were treated at the Gharo, Baldia Town and Shikarpur healthcare facilities supported by SHINE. This has been a harsh winter in much of Pakistan and most of the patients came to seek care for colds and respiratory infections.  The number of children admitted at the children’s ward in Shikarpur was much less this January as compared to the previous year when the area was affected by an outbreak of measles.

Three Board members and a number of SHINE’s supporters visited the Gharo facility during December and January. All reported satisfaction with the services being provided and provided suggestions on further improvement of services.


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