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A total of 30,739 patients have been treated at SHINE’s project sites in Shikarpur, Baldia Town, and Gharo since January 2014, compared to 31,084 patients in all of 2013.
SHINE Humanity has successfully revived primary care services at the Aasra General Hospital, Gharo. There has been a consistent growth in the number of patients at Aasra General Hospital with the number reaching over 2,000 patients per month since March.  Around 50 percent of these are patients coming in for follow-up visits.

Thanks to our dear supporters who enable our physicians to treat a wide array of patients.  Aleem, a 13 year old boy, came in with multiple infected boils and was treated successfully.  Nazeeran, a very poor woman from the neighboring area, is mute and has no immediate family. She came with an ulcerated lesion on the breast that did not respond to initial treatment. Our physician quickly referred her to a tertiary care hospital, where she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has begun treatment with support from the tertiary care hospital’s welfare department and a local donor. She continues to come to the Gharo facility for supportive care between her chemotherapies.
In May, the staff at this facility received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training by members of the Aman Foundation—a major achievement in this region. Regular ultrasound service has also been restored, with 523 ultrasounds performed since July 2013.
With the support of a short-term grant from the International Pediatric Association Foundation, SHINE Humanity was able to start the Aasra General Hospital Nutrition Program in July for mild to moderately malnourished children.
SHINE’s executive director, Seema Hassan, visited all three project sites in July. She is pleased to inform our supporters on the dedication of the staff, quality of services being provided, and level of patient satisfaction.  The patients offered their thanks and blessings to all our supporters for the charitable services they receive at these facilities.

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