Child drawing water- Rahib Amro. SindhWorld Water Day

Water is among the most basic building blocks of human life. As puts it, “without water, life would not exist.” Each and every one of us is made up of water, ranging from about 78 percent from birth, to around 60 percent as we become adults. Serving a number of essential functions such as regulating our internal temperature and flushing our systems of toxins, it plays an essential role in maintaining good health.

While in the U.S. clean water comes readily available in different forms, it is scarce in areas like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Haiti. Disease runs ramped throughout the natural water resources which makes it difficult to find water that’s suitable to drink. The communities in these areas suffer as a consequence and are left in need of this crucial necessity. They are left without or with very little of this very basic building block.

Today, we celebrate International Water Day in an effort to spread awareness about the very real issue concerning the lack of clean water in various places around the world. Be mindful of the water you consume and acknowledge that somewhere someone is without it.

Caitlin Maltbie


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