National Public Health Week

This week marks the 20th anniversary of National Public Health Week, in which each year we shine light on significant issues in efforts to improve our nation as well as other ones. This year’s theme, Healthiest Nation 2030, is meant to address the problem surrounding the fact that we spend an enormous amount on health care compared to other similar countries, yet we still face some of the highest rates of infant mortality, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. In hopes to galvanize communities and get people involved, the APHA and other organizations feature daily themes in order to spread awareness and educate the public, including policy makers and practitioners. It’s an important time where new ideas are discussed and valuable information is spread about the health issues that threaten our families and communities. The primary aim of the event is to reduce the effects and consequences of many health conditions and diseases by preventing their onset or tackling any symptoms early on. During this time, we also celebrate our individual health and take the time to acknowledge the groundbreaking contributions made by public health.

Make sure you check out the site to follow the different themes for each day and educate yourself on how you can make an impact in public health!

Caitlin Maltbie


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