World Malaria Day

In 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) established World Malaria Day as April 25th, in an effort to educate communities in hopes to better understand the devastating disease. Implementation of strategies to control malaria in endemic areas as well as introducing activities for the community to partake in involving preventing and treatment of malaria stand at the heart of this effort. Although malaria is now both preventable and treatable, 3.3 billion people in 126 different countries are at risk of malaria and around 660,000 people are killed each year by its calamitous wrath, equating into one life every minute. Thankfully, deaths in Africa, the most hard-hit area by malaria, have been reduced one third and worldwide one fourth which is attributed to a wide scale amassing of political will, funds and technical expertise over the past ten years. We can say gratefully that over a million lives have been saved from malaria, most of them being children under 5 years of age. Now, fifty countries are on track to reduce their number of malaria cases by 75% this year.

However, there are several challenges facing improvement in terms of prevention and treatment. Inadequate resources are often the biggest difficulty in diseases such as this one, as funding must increase in order to protect the advancements made thus far.

For millions, malaria day is every day. Each waking hour is a battle against this killer disease. Pakistan is considered a high-risk country for malaria, so it’s very relative to our efforts at Shine Humanity. The impact malaria has on communities exemplifies the reasons behind the importance of quality health care which we aim to provide.

Do your part by looking into this year’s malaria campaign and educating yourself and others about what’s going on around the world. See how your help can play a role in the battle against malaria.


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