May 2015

Today we observe World No Tobacco Day 2015, which is recognized world-wide as a means to encourage a 24-hour period from every form of tobacco consumption. What is more, the day is meant to bring attention to the global prevalence of tobacco use and the severe health effects. Each year, 6 million deaths are attributed to the use of tobacco, which includes 600,000 people who are non-smokers effected by being exposed to the deadly habit through second-hand smoke. The World Health Organization (WHO) created the day in 1987 in an effort to galvanize the public to spread awareness about the risks and outcomes of tobacco use. Furthermore, they hope to bring about policies within the government to effectively reduce tobacco consumption.

So what can you do to help? First off, if you use any form of tobacco, look into the resources your health provider or community offers to help people quit. Most of us are aware of the adverse effects of tobacco. Spreading the word and educating others about these effects as well as the social and economic impact stands as one of the most important things we can all take part in. You can also advocate for WNTD 2015 by joining the awareness-raising campaign and utilizing social media to provide messages and advice that WHO issues in order to reduce the use of tobacco.


Dr. Aziz with Ramazan - Gharo

Dr. Aziz with Ramazan – Gharo


Ramazan is 7 years old and had been suffering from high fever with episodes of vomiting and other symptoms in late January. His parents took him to a general physician in Gharo who tested him for malaria, which turned out to be negative. The medicines he prescribed did not help control Ramazan’s fever.

After three days, his parents brought Ramazan to SHINE Humanity’s Primary Care clinic where the physicians diagnosed him to be suffering from typhoid fever. After initial management for his fever, Ramazan was referred out to Civil Hospital, Thatta where he remained admitted for 5 days. Ramazan was symptom free after a week. His family was very grateful to the staff of SHINE Humanity for their help in referring him to the Civil Hospital and providing the medicines while he was admitted there.

Roohi Lal - Baldia Town

Roohi Lal – Baldia Town

Baldia Town

Roohi Lal is a 60 year old widow and mother of nine children (seven daughters and two sons. She lives close to SINA Clinic – SHINE Humanity Centre in Baldia Town, which is a 15 minute walk from her home.

Tragedy struck Roohi Lal 20 years ago when her husband passed away. Following the traumatic event, her eldest son also passed away. Her surviving children are all married and her other son does not work and therefore cannot support her as expected in the local culture. Roohi Lal therefore has no one to take care of her. The community she lives in is kind enough to help her out financially.

Suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, Roohi Lal has been visiting the clinic for the last 5 years. A Zakat eligible patient, she is extremely grateful to the SINA – SHINE Humanity Centre for providing her with quality treatment at a nominal cost.

Uzair - Shikarpur

Uzair – Shikarpur


Uzair is an eight month old boy who is one of eight children. His parents are very poor, making approximately 7500 Pakistani rupees, less than $75/month.

Uzair was brought to the clinic after having a fever for three days and becoming nonresponsive. When he arrived at the clinic, he was found to be very pale and gasping for breath. A blood test revealed severe anemia and dehydration. Uzair was admitted to the stabilization center where he was emergently given intravenous fluids and blood as well as life-saving antibiotics. Five days later Uzair was well enough to be discharged home. The medicines and team of doctors, funded by SHINE are what made the difference between life and death for this little boy.

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SHINE Humanity Projects:

SHINE Humanity treated over 17,000 patients at Shikarpur, Baldia Town and Gharo during the first quarter of 2015, averaging close to 6,000 patients per month. As in previous years, the majority of the patients are women and children.

SHINE Humanity’s Board Members, Dr. Faisal Khan, Dr. Salman Naqvi, Dr. Seema Hassan and advisor Dr. Farzana Naqvi visited the project sites in Gharo and Baldia Town in early April of this year.

Most patients seeking care at these three facilities are very grateful for the work SHINE Humanity is doing in their communities because they are extremely poor and cannot otherwise afford medical services. Many have expressed that it is not just the medical care that they receive which is important to them, but also it is the respect they receive from SHINE Humanity staff that they appreciate the most.

We are pleased to announce that SHINE Humanity has successfully revived primary care services at the Aasra General Hospital in Gharo and has gained the trust of the community served. AASRA Society, the owners of this facility, have now started regular surgical services on Sundays, thus providing the next level of care for this community.

Today we acknowledge mothers all around the world whom have carried us, given birth to us, and have nurtured us to grow. Mother’s Day stands as a day of recognition for all of the strong women in the world who have given life; without them none of us would be here. Love from a mother is incomparable to anything else, and this is why we reserve this day to show our gratitude and thanks to them.

The role of a mother cannot be underestimated, and her good health is essential for the well-being of her children. Shine Humanity understands the importance of a healthy mother, which is why we make it our purpose to help mothers in need of quality health care. Whether it be an ultrasound or a simple check-up, every step of the way counts and the doctors at Shine Humanity’s clinics are there to make sure everything goes as safe and comfortable as possible.

Celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day by remembering the women in your life who have made this world a better place by sharing their love with all of us. Whether it be your wife, grandmother, aunt, or friend, make sure you let them know how important they really are.IMG_0760


We are thrilled to be part of Global Giving’s first ever Pro-Rated Bonus Day which happens to be right around the corner from Mother’s Day on May 13th. With the $75,000 they have already committed, Global Giving will match each and every online donation made to Shine Humanity and other participating organizations for 15 hours, 9am EDT-12am EDT.

Our primary mission remains to make advances in mother-child health, hygiene, and nutrition in disaster-hit Pakistan by revitalizing healthcare facilities. This year we are aiming to raise enough money in order to better serve mothers and their children in Pakistan, where maternal deaths and infant mortality are high due to the lack of quality facilities and services. With your help, we can improve primary and preventative care for the most destitute women and children and make this the best Mother’s Day’s for these families.

All of the matching will be determined on a pro-rated basis, where the percentage matched is based on the total amount raised, so let’s get the most out of this as possible!

Please visit the leader board at this website to check the status of the matches and stay posted on the progress of the day. And most importantly, be sure to spread the word so you can maximize our chances to make a difference!