Global Giving Pro-Rated Bonus Day is Coming Up on May 13th!

We are thrilled to be part of Global Giving’s first ever Pro-Rated Bonus Day which happens to be right around the corner from Mother’s Day on May 13th. With the $75,000 they have already committed, Global Giving will match each and every online donation made to Shine Humanity and other participating organizations for 15 hours, 9am EDT-12am EDT.

Our primary mission remains to make advances in mother-child health, hygiene, and nutrition in disaster-hit Pakistan by revitalizing healthcare facilities. This year we are aiming to raise enough money in order to better serve mothers and their children in Pakistan, where maternal deaths and infant mortality are high due to the lack of quality facilities and services. With your help, we can improve primary and preventative care for the most destitute women and children and make this the best Mother’s Day’s for these families.

All of the matching will be determined on a pro-rated basis, where the percentage matched is based on the total amount raised, so let’s get the most out of this as possible!

Please visit the leader board at this website to check the status of the matches and stay posted on the progress of the day. And most importantly, be sure to spread the word so you can maximize our chances to make a difference!


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