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SHINE Humanity Projects:

SHINE Humanity treated over 17,000 patients at Shikarpur, Baldia Town and Gharo during the first quarter of 2015, averaging close to 6,000 patients per month. As in previous years, the majority of the patients are women and children.

SHINE Humanity’s Board Members, Dr. Faisal Khan, Dr. Salman Naqvi, Dr. Seema Hassan and advisor Dr. Farzana Naqvi visited the project sites in Gharo and Baldia Town in early April of this year.

Most patients seeking care at these three facilities are very grateful for the work SHINE Humanity is doing in their communities because they are extremely poor and cannot otherwise afford medical services. Many have expressed that it is not just the medical care that they receive which is important to them, but also it is the respect they receive from SHINE Humanity staff that they appreciate the most.

We are pleased to announce that SHINE Humanity has successfully revived primary care services at the Aasra General Hospital in Gharo and has gained the trust of the community served. AASRA Society, the owners of this facility, have now started regular surgical services on Sundays, thus providing the next level of care for this community.


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