Beneficiary Stories

Dr. Aziz with Ramazan - Gharo
Dr. Aziz with Ramazan – Gharo


Ramazan is 7 years old and had been suffering from high fever with episodes of vomiting and other symptoms in late January. His parents took him to a general physician in Gharo who tested him for malaria, which turned out to be negative. The medicines he prescribed did not help control Ramazan’s fever.

After three days, his parents brought Ramazan to SHINE Humanity’s Primary Care clinic where the physicians diagnosed him to be suffering from typhoid fever. After initial management for his fever, Ramazan was referred out to Civil Hospital, Thatta where he remained admitted for 5 days. Ramazan was symptom free after a week. His family was very grateful to the staff of SHINE Humanity for their help in referring him to the Civil Hospital and providing the medicines while he was admitted there.

Roohi Lal - Baldia Town
Roohi Lal – Baldia Town

Baldia Town

Roohi Lal is a 60 year old widow and mother of nine children (seven daughters and two sons. She lives close to SINA Clinic – SHINE Humanity Centre in Baldia Town, which is a 15 minute walk from her home.

Tragedy struck Roohi Lal 20 years ago when her husband passed away. Following the traumatic event, her eldest son also passed away. Her surviving children are all married and her other son does not work and therefore cannot support her as expected in the local culture. Roohi Lal therefore has no one to take care of her. The community she lives in is kind enough to help her out financially.

Suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, Roohi Lal has been visiting the clinic for the last 5 years. A Zakat eligible patient, she is extremely grateful to the SINA – SHINE Humanity Centre for providing her with quality treatment at a nominal cost.

Uzair - Shikarpur
Uzair – Shikarpur


Uzair is an eight month old boy who is one of eight children. His parents are very poor, making approximately 7500 Pakistani rupees, less than $75/month.

Uzair was brought to the clinic after having a fever for three days and becoming nonresponsive. When he arrived at the clinic, he was found to be very pale and gasping for breath. A blood test revealed severe anemia and dehydration. Uzair was admitted to the stabilization center where he was emergently given intravenous fluids and blood as well as life-saving antibiotics. Five days later Uzair was well enough to be discharged home. The medicines and team of doctors, funded by SHINE are what made the difference between life and death for this little boy.


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