World No Tobacco Day 2015

Today we observe World No Tobacco Day 2015, which is recognized world-wide as a means to encourage a 24-hour period from every form of tobacco consumption. What is more, the day is meant to bring attention to the global prevalence of tobacco use and the severe health effects. Each year, 6 million deaths are attributed to the use of tobacco, which includes 600,000 people who are non-smokers effected by being exposed to the deadly habit through second-hand smoke. The World Health Organization (WHO) created the day in 1987 in an effort to galvanize the public to spread awareness about the risks and outcomes of tobacco use. Furthermore, they hope to bring about policies within the government to effectively reduce tobacco consumption.

So what can you do to help? First off, if you use any form of tobacco, look into the resources your health provider or community offers to help people quit. Most of us are aware of the adverse effects of tobacco. Spreading the word and educating others about these effects as well as the social and economic impact stands as one of the most important things we can all take part in. You can also advocate for WNTD 2015 by joining the awareness-raising campaign and utilizing social media to provide messages and advice that WHO issues in order to reduce the use of tobacco.



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