June 2015

SHINE Humanity Ramadan appeal

There is an old saying that you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day; but if you teach that man how to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime. What can one do, however, once all the fish are gone?
This is where your donations become crucial. Your support provides the safety blanket for the needy when there are no fish in the pond.
In this month of spirituality and generous giving, please give your Zakat/ Donations to help our needy patients in Gharo, Shikarpur and  Baldia Town. Between 1000 -2500  patients are treated at each of these facilities per month – all of them could use your help!

We wish you and your loved ones a very Blessed Ramazan.

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Thank You!

On Sunday May 17th, SHINE Humanity organized a Free Skin (Dermatology) Camp held by Skin Specialist, Dr. Seema Sherali of Karachi. All patients were treated free of charge.

A total of 149 patients were treated for common skin conditions such as fungal infections, rashes and scabies.

  • A farm worker whose foot was injured by a tractor and had developed maggots Inside his wounds because he was too poor to pay for a doctor’s visit.He was referred to the surgeon at Aasra Society’s clinic who cleaned and dressed the wound and advised medications and daily dressing. He has been visiting the SHINE clinic daily and his wound is healing nicely.
  • Sherali also trained SHINE’s physicians in recognizing and treating these simple and complex cases using cost-effective measures.
  • Eye Specialist, Dr. Shehla Dareshani and SHINE’s ED, Dr. Seema Hassan also attended the camp.

Patients in the waiting area Technician cleaning a patient's foot before dressing Patients at the registration window A young patient Dr. Seema Sherali with physicians and a patient A female patient with infected foot wounds A patient with relatives A young girl with skin infection