This post is a day late, but we could not miss out on sharing this valuable information with you!

Yesterday was International Day for Disaster Reduction, a day in which we acknowledge and remember those who have lost their lives in a disaster, along with those who have lost their lives saving individuals during disaster relief efforts. We encourage everyone to set aside this day to take part in building more disaster resilient communities and neighborhoods. Doing your part in this bolsters the overall goal of this day as a vehicle to promote a global cultural awareness of natural disaster reduction, which includes prevention, mitigation, and preparedness.

This year’s theme, Knowledge for Life, is meant to focus on the traditional, native, and local knowledge which goes hand-in-hand with modern-day science, and also to supplement individual and societies’ resilience. If we are able to recognize early warning signs that occur in nature and take action, it can be vital in ensuring safer, more efficient outcomes in disasters such as heatwaves, earthquakes, and floods.