November 2015

By the end of October 2015, your generous support has helped us in the treatment of 59,823 patients surpassing last years total of 59,819. The increase in the number of patients is a testament to the need of charitable services in the areas we serve and the patients’ faith in our care.

In October, we completed 5 years of service for the needy children of Shikarpur at the government’s R.B.U.T Civil Hospital. SHINE Humanity, through the generosity of its donors helps provide free medicines and medical supplies for an average of a thousand children each month. The mortality in these wards has fallen from 88 in 2011 to 22 in 2015. Parents are educated on the need for seeking timely medical care and routine immunizations for the children.

The outpatient primary care clinic in Gharo has relocated from Aasra General Hospital to the main market area where it continues to serve around 2000 beneficiaries each month from this and surrounding areas.

Women and children continue to be the greatest number of beneficiaries in Gharo and Baldia Town.


Since the clinics have been in these areas for a while now, some patients requiring long term care for chronic diseases have become regulars at these clinics. Baba Uzair is one such patient- who came to the Gharo clinic with uncontrolled blood sugar .He also had an infected abscess on his left shoulder. He is a very poor man who could not afford the medicines prescribed by a consultant.

SHINE Humanity Health Care Clinic Gharo provided him the required medications and dressed his wound daily. His wound is well healed now and he visits the clinic for his diabetes.

We would like to thank Dr. Seema Hassan who is leaving due to personal reasons. We are extremely thankful for her dedication to SHINE and wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.

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