About Us

Who we are?
SHINE Humanity is a California registered public benefit corporation set up with the purpose of providing humanitarian, medical and disaster relief assistance to global communities in need. Since April 2009, we have delivered care to over 150,000 needy patients across the world and are supporting the establishment of sustainable healthcare projects in disaster-affected communities that we serve.

Our Mission
SHINE Humanity’s charitable mission is to build and strengthen healthcare delivery systems and empower underprivileged communities to take charge of their healthcare destiny.

Our Values
SHINE Humanity believes in ‘Health’ being the basic right of every citizen, and that healthy children, families and individuals are better prepared to take advantage of education and development opportunities.

What we do?
SHINE Humanity mobilizes in the aftermath of international disasters to provide quick, efficient and compassionate medical and humanitarian relief. We remain active with these communities in the long-term healthcare rehabilitation phase with the aim of putting in place facilities and initiatives modeled on efficiency, sustainability and transparency.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Assalam O ALlaikum,

    My name is Fateh Mubeen Babi i am living in Karachi Pakistan my spinal cord is damaged by an accident my medical treatment is in Australia this clinic http://www.hypermed.com.au i contact to the clinic he say that you will come to Australia and treatment now HyperMed clinic give me the letter for treatment.

    My case is real not unreal trust me i am very poor my medical treatment is stop from about 3 years because i have no money. my both legs is paralyze in accident i request you medical treatment money provide me please i contact many NGO,S in Pakistan but we are not fund provide me they sy that fund is not available i & my parents both are very tensed so you help and corporate me please my contact number is 00923222964972 call anytime Okay.

    if you say that i send my all medical documents to you being a humanity help me now please.

    Please replay me as soon as possible


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